Rent a car

Rent a car

Turkey is a big and fascinating country, that offers a lot of cultural and historical experiences.The downside is that there are so many sights that are hard to get to without a car, taxi or other organized tour.

The advantage of hiring a car is that it offers more freedom, you can drive at when and where you want, you don´t need to wait for others and to keep the breaks you want underway.
With a rented car you also get the chance to visit some of the sights that travel companies do not organize trips to.

Here is some of what you need to pay particular attention to on car rental in Turkey are:

  • It is compulsory to wear seatbelts.
  • It is mandatory to drive with lights on day and night
  • Speed limit is 50 km / h in towns, 90 km / h on country roads, 120 km / h on highways.
  • It is not allowed to drive after drinking alcohol

Police strikes hardest down on driving with with alcohol in the blooed and exceeding speed limits.

Do you wish to rent a car during your holiday, then contact AL Goldstar / AL Homeservice.  Prices starts at 25 Euro per. day depending on car type, model, year and how long the car must be rented.

Do you want to book a car for your holiday, it can be ordered on, Mobile DK +45 5038 6898 Mobile TR +90536775 29 94 or contact us on  Facebook.